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Woodbangers Theme Song

SweetKenny Compose's Theme Song For WoodBangers LLC. Network Entertainment, Titled " A New Dawn ", Here's A Link To The Song " A New Dawn by SweetKenny ".

Read the interview on SweetKenny's new album " Amazonian " from Arm The Pit!

Checkout The Wonderful  Album Review From

Woodbangers Magazine On SweetKenny's " Ancient Hunter " HERE!



New Single


 SweetKenny Has A New Video Demo Reels Page On The Site, You Can See The First Reel Titled " Kiss Kiss Bang " HERE!

SweetKenny's New Album " The Walkers " Rise Of The Dead " Is On Sale NOW!!



SweetKenny's SweetKenny is now in the studio writing and composing new music for Film/TV/Games. The music will be complete in the fall and winter of this year 2015


sault metal scene logo SweetKenny is featured here on Sault Metal Scene!

you can read all about it HERE!


  " NEW Album Uploaded " From SweetKenny titled " Ancient Hunter "  for you all to Enjoy!


News, News, BIG NEWS!

SweetKenny Is Composing " Epic Music " For Film/TV/And Games. We'll Keep You Up To Date As It's Released.

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